squash1 «skwosh», verb, noun, adverb.
1. to squeeze or press into a flat mass or pulp; crush: »

The boy squashed the bug. The package was squashed in the mail.

2. to put an end to; stop by force; suppress; quash: »

The principal moved quickly to squash any rumors of a holiday.

3. Informal, Figurative. to silence or disconcert (a person) with a crushing argument, reply, or sarcastic remark.
1. to be pressed into a flat mass; flatten out on impact or under pressure: »

Carry the cream puffs carefully, for they squash easily.

2. to make a splashing sound; move or walk with a splash: »

We heard him squash through the mud and slush.

3. to crowd; squeeze.
1. something squashed; crushed mass: »

The grapes are just a squash and not fit to eat.

2. the act, fact, or sound of squashing or crushing.
3. the impact of a soft, heavy body falling on a surface.
4. the sound produced by this.
5. = squash tennis. (Cf.squash tennis)
6. = squash racquets. (Cf.squash racquets)
7. British. a beverage made with fruit juice and (usually) carbonated water.
with a squash; squashily: »

He came down, in less than no time, squash on his nose, and broke it (F. E. Paget).

[< Old French esquasser, ultimately < Latin ex- out + quassāre < quatere to shake. Compare etym. under quash1. (Cf.quash)]
squash´er, noun.
squash2 «skwosh», noun, plural squash or squash|es.
1. the fruit of any one of various vinelike plants, often eaten as a vegetable or made into a pie.
2. any one of these plants. Squash are annual plants that belong to the gourd family.
[American English, short for earlier squantersquash < Algonkian (compare Narraganset askútasquash the green things that may be eaten raw)]

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